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The studio is abuzz with new commissions, and we welcome our newest clients, Portofino Tower & Hartzell Residence. We are delighted to be able to continue our work with Design Space Associates and look forward to the creative output of these two distinctive properties.

Once again we have been tapped to develop a Vision Plan for the Portofino Tower, a plan that will provide a road map for the future of this condominium high rise in Fort Lauderdale.

The Hartzell Residence is wonderful property located in picturesque Key Largo. A magnificent point lot, we are once again working with the design talents of Chris Turan and Design Space Associates. Finally, to the left is am image of a proposed design scheme for the Charter Club.

The client has placed much faith in the design team here at A&K, and we think they are going to truly enjoy their newly designed property. Please feel free to contact our designers with any of your design needs.


Arkitektur + KASAI, Inc. has recently been tapped to develop a concept ice cream store using a revolutionary cooling system that brings the customer's participation to new heights.

The palette is a tonal and textured by use of traditional brick, a material itself contrasted with the use of stainless steel professional grade equipment. Exposed ducting, and industrially inspired high bay lighting with exposed structure compliment the polished concrete floors. CHILL-N is the latest commercial enterprise to realize the use of building Information modeling, BIM, to help our clients visualize their designs early in the process.


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